Biden Criminal Suspect In U.S./Ukraine Corruption Investigation


President Zelensky advocates for Biden to be investigated for participating in corrupt practices during the previous Ukrainian administration. 

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This goes back way further and involves the one party which includes red and blue. Further Ukraine is our client state. We already posses more of their documents then they do. We destroyed there govermet several times for our own obsession with Russia. While Biden is certainly a part his part was much smaller then he would like to think. I've personally read through every prosecution started from 2015 through 2018 Hunter was never under investigation. He was there as a minder. watching our money and our gas company but most importantly as McCanin helped and insisted upon was that we fight Russia there with proxys. Hunter was there to make sure the money given was used to pay mercenaries to go Syria crazy in don bass. To try and understand Ukraine is extremely hard because they have had several presidents with very close names that have been elected twice each and spent time in prison in between. But this most recent saga starts with Victoria nuflound when she was caught on phone saying "you know, Fuck the EU" as they installed a new prosecutor and started a violent protest where she was seen handing out cookies and food. A true US NGO / state department take over. This lead to the most violent protest I've ever seen video tape of. I suspect the snipers shooting the college age children were the same mercenaries used in Syria to start the chaos. Side note Dakh Daughter 7 member girl band were there and while playing and helping serve food is when one of the big attacks happened you can see them throwing real molt-av cocktails. I say real because if you watch the so called Venezuela food drive from 2019 you can see several fake molt-av as is was all fake. but here when they were thrown police caught on fire and stayed on fire. Dakh Daughters is really good music I highly suggest with there closely related band Dakhabrkha
The Ukraine protest ended on Feb 20th 2014. There president escaped to Russia after over 100 protesters were shoot dead. At this point crazy shit went down money evaporated into thin air. This was our money we expected to be used to fight Russia. This is why we installed former Polish president, former CIA director, Hunter Biden and His buddy to that board. The Uk actually froze the owners money in a bank account suspecting it belonged to the people of Ukraine. However our favorite prosecutor literally walked over all the evidence to the owner. And refused to prosecute. This is when the EU, and Us demanded they investigate or fire the prosecutor. Not to protect him but because the wanted that money back where the board we controlled could appropriate it. Eventually the UK and you can look the case up its clear had to give the money back to the owner who had by now paid off enough people in Ukraine to be able to come back. he immediately put the money in a Cyprus account which is where all of the many company's he owns money still is.
Now as far as the stinger missiles go of Course John McCain slammed his fist and yelled loud in congress they needed them however because the mercenaries being used were neo nazies just like the ones protecting the jaded fuck we installed in Boliva last year, Obama did not want to give them missiles. This also was because the last country we brought stingers to was Libya and they all ended up being used on US jets in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. This put an end to giving Missiles.
What else must be understood is even though Trump gave them the Stingers they are not allowed to use them . Seriously only if Russia moves into Ukraine with tanks and even then they need to be trained by US troops. While I'm sure they could figure out that is the condition we put on them. ridiculous.
As far as the Trump conversation this was bait. I was suspicious even made my only meme the day we heard he had put into a secret server downloading "It's a trap" I was certain when we found out Pompeo was on the phone too. This lead to a fake impeachment. Why fake well because Elijah Cummings had mounted a well documented and still available set of criminal, shady and against the law actions the Trump admin had already done just like Obama, Clinton and the Bushes on line.
What did they bring a bs phone call this was a joke only meant for everyone to hear the key line form Maria the Ukraine ambassador "Russia is responsible for interfering with the elections and is spreading false information" In fact the entire bs narrative about the DNC being hacked by Russia so they could not use it for leverage but instead publish opp data that HRC could not say out loud like Sanders isn't really Jewish and deep dive Trump opp. There was no embarrassing emails. Russia would not have been so stupid to do what they claim which is translate a document with a Russian version of word for dc leaks. Read the testimony released in particular the crowdstrike,the dnc IT guy, the law firm and the fbi agent. First they all were top level fbi cyber security right before the whole dnc hack. second there testimony is hilarious and anyone who reads it will realize the reason they were being questioned was because the democrats and republicans were afraid the emails not released threat contained criminal acts could be used against them.
Here is where I'm not quite as sure if the DNC and fbi and RNC all colluded or just a faction of them. But there was coordination.
I think Trump being a part of the NY family scene was trying to leverage more control then past presidents who all start there own cartels. He tried to use Ukraine to expose the slush fund and move it to his own pet project. This is when Nancy changed her mind instantly and said were going to impeach. Now we must also take into account Trump had several business deals in Ukraine as well more with the steel industry then the gas but the same groups that Biden, Hillary and McCain were cozy with.
in fact his largest donation came from oligarchy im Ukraine to give a 20 minute speech right before he announced. There much more but my main point is every thing is a lie. its all bs. Our fbi was also in charge of their prosecution office we supplied the commuters the servers and maned them while training for 3 years.They have gone through a bloody take over and changed presidents many times in 2012 because the elections were hacked and the current president had acid thrown on his face. At this same time their parliament was bursting in to fist fights daily.
The prosecutors were prosecuting each other and the judges that was it. We controlled the IMF billion dollar loan and another kick down from us for a cool billion and the EU fund which was like 2 billion. This is the source everyone is willing to make fools of theme selves about. And like I said this really started in 1989 and got going in 1992 as they broke from Russia. We pumped Nato right in. I actually think Trump has been with Intell for years if you match up who he was with when they all get busted. And the people doing the busting Giuliani, Comey, Muller and Barr. Seriously I don't believe in those type of coincidences. There is also a memo on the FBI archives foia that shows Robert and Donald Trump approaching the fbi when Donald was opening his first casino. He was introduced by Felix stater and said he was afraid of the mob messing with him and getting approved for license. He offered to let the fbi use his casino to conduct investigations. I think it went from there. Trump funded Giuliani 's run for Mayor and president. Just like whitey in New jersey Trump was untouchable for his financial crimes so long as he produced trophy prosecutions. I think the entire collusion was a phyop to distract the US people and in reality we have one intel/ Defense industry, corporate bankers /equity fund government that had nothing to do with social issues that red blue fight over but instead only care about keeping the money rolling in. So when they act all offended or committed its fake everything is. Just look at the bi partisan voting during the impeachment all to give Trump more money and fund the defense industry constantly naming Iran / Russia bad guy and their threats to our very way of life. This they all agree on and vote for every time. Every thing else is street theater gang stalking target individuals. sorry so long my Flynn story is longer
we need Tulsi, we really need Tulsi!


Trump was the one who called the Ukrainian pres because he wanted them to go a favor for him or else they wouldn’t get military aid. And Biden went into Ukraine to tell them to fire the prosecutor because he wasn’t doing his job and investigating the person in charge of the Ukrainian oil company for corruption. There were literally protests in Ukraine for them to fire the prosecutor and GOP and democrats in the house wrote a letter saying they wanted the prosecutor to be fired.

Don’t twist reality to rub dirt on Biden when there clearly isn’t any in this situation. This was an awful video. I strongly dislike Biden but there was no wrong-doing in this incident.