Trump's REAL Foreign Policy Target

Kim Iversen

I'm noticing a new trend with trump's foreign policy. I've always read it back to oil wars and Saudi Arabia.

Maybe on behalf of Israel or on behalf of gaining resources. A lot of us have carried this world view with us for the last 20 years because for the last 20 or so years that has been the agenda. I believe with Donald Trump his focus has shifted in a completely different direction and I believe now that I've connected all of these dots in my mind that his foreign policy almost exclusively revolves around China. 

President Trump meets with Chinese Leader to discuss trade.

That he is hyper focused on China and he is hyper focused on stopping their belt and road initiative.

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The Beirut blast now you'll have to just go back and watch the video I'm not going to go over all of that right now but when you look at the fact that it was at a serious major port for China and you start to look at all of the other major areas that China's needing for their belt and road initiative it all starts to make sense. That all roads are leading to China when it comes to Donald Trump