Media Falsely Claims Lockdown Protestors Are “Right Wing”

Kim Iversen

Well COVID-19 is officially driving the world crazy at least those in the world who are under lock down orders. we're just seeing a lot of unrest all around the areas in the countries where there are some pretty stiff lock down orders. 

covid protest germany
Protests erupt in Germany, U.K, and all throughout Europe.

Obviously here in the United States we've been seeing unrest for several months I know that there's a lot of reasons for that but one big reason is when you take people's jobs away you give them nothing to do then you force them to be cooped up inside their homes they're eventually going to want to come out and when they come out they're gonna be angry. They're gonna find all of the things they've been angry about are gonna swell to the surface and they're gonna come at you with that and we're seeing that happening here in the United States also it's happening in Germany. 

Berlin Protest COVID Lock Down

This article thousands of COVID deniers protest in Berlin and London I don't think these people are necessarily COVID deniers. I think that's false reporting but many of these people are fed up with the lock down orders. They're saying this is unnecessary the virus is not nearly as deadly as you guys claimed it would be. I have to remember here in the United States they said 2.2M people would die if we did not shelter in place and they were saying the same thing in Germany same thing U. K. different numbers obviously with different populations but none the less they told all of us that if we didn't stay inside of our houses and lose everything we have our jobs and potentially our homes that we were going to die.