Kim Tries to Convince Right Wingers To Cancel Student Debt

Kim Iversen

Why do I need to pay for you to go to college it was your choice to go to college why do I have to pay for it? 

In the 13 times CFCT polled on free college since December 2016, overall support of state programs making public colleges tuition-free has ranged from 70 percent to 81 percent.

Well because it was your choice not to go to college it was your choice not to further your education it was your choice to not contribute to our society. Building a strong first world nation requires world class education. You need engineers, you need plumbers to give you the indoor sewage.. yes you know to give you toilets. We need engineers so that you can have electricity in your homes, you need people, you need engineers for your cars, for your roads, and for bridges.

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