Hillary Clinton Ensures Kamala Harris as VP (and then on to President)

Kim Iversen

so I have covered this a couple of times previously on this show that Kamala Harris, her entire job is to become president in order to take out revenge against Vladimir Putin for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton with a young Kamala Harris

I know that sounds totally crazy but the thing is I think Hillary Clinton is a little bit crazy when it comes to trying to get some revenge on Vladimir Putin. She was secretary of state under Obama for whatever reason she decided she didn't like Vladimir Putin and it's really kind of unclear as to why she decided to do it. Maybe Clinton wanted to stand out or seem like she was tough in some way or something along those lines. I'm not really 100 percent certain but she decides that she doesn't like Putin. 

Obama tried to do that whole reset policy with Russia he was trying to make inroads trying to mend the relationship and Hillary Clinton kept making remarks that would undermine that effort.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin gazing away as then Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton addresses a question.

Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate I think that Donald Trump won because there was a sentiment that is still growing in America. Which is why Joe Biden administration aren't going to solve anything but make things completely worse. People just want to get rid of the establishment and she represents the establishment. She's not running for president Kamala Harris was running for president and Harris was cherry picked by Hillary Clinton to be basically be her successor.

Successor to carry the torch for Hillary Clinton. Harris stands for nothing. We cannot figure out what that woman believes right now when you turn on fox news right wing America saying she's this real progressive. They keep calling her progressive she's not progressive. They're saying oh she's real far left she's for the green new deal, she's for open borders, she's for Medicare for all, socialized medicine. We don't know what she's for because every time she says she's for something what did you do she flips she flips and then then the next thing you know she backtracks and she she goes backwards and she says oh no and she said she back pedals to a safer stance a safer position.