Casual Kim Talks: Covert Regime Change Attempt In US?

Kim Iversen

These protests seem to mimic what is going on in the rest of the world. From Iran, Hong Kong, and many others its sparked by something specific. Here in the U.S it seems to have been COVID-19 shutdown and the killing of George Floyd just caused an explosion of reaction.

BLM Protesters at Washington D.C protesting over the death of George Floyd and police brutality.  

Its a bipartisan effort in Washington D.C from the Democrats, to John Bolton, and the Republicans. In the case of Trump the war and its benefactors push to escalation and more funding. Democrats kept painting a view of Trump as a puppet of Putin, an election rigger, and master manipulator. Impeachment was a political weapon Democrats seemed were always intent on using. 

Meanwhile Corporations and the un-elected bureaucracy in the Defense Department, Treasury, and  Senate are more than happy to welcome in Biden's administrators. They welcome the BLM movement as it means they only need change their logos, state their support, and pretend to care while financially nothing changes.

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