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Another day of confusion rocks Venezuela as National Assembly leader Juan Guaidó is detained by the secret police, then released after widespread outcry and condemnation. Just yesterday Guaidó, who is the newly elected president of the country's legislative body, the National Assembly, seemed to declare himself 'interim president', in rejection of Nicolas Maduro's second term as the oil nation's head of state. Guaidó's bizarre 'presidential proclamation' prompted some neighboring countries, including Brazil and the United States, to declare they'd recognize him as the legitimate 'interim' president of Venezuela.

He also received the public backing from the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, who couldn't congratulate him fast enough.

But, in a rapid turn of events, Guaidó was arbitrarily detained today while in route to a rally against Maduro and held by the Venezuelan secret intelligence police, SEBIN, which is a sort of FBI-CIA combo that engages in both domestic and international intelligence and police operations.

OAS Secretary General Almagro again issued a bizarre video on Twitter, condemning the arrest of Guaidó, who was subsequently released and back rallying against Maduro at a public gathering.

So did US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who took time to tweet about it during an intense international trip, which shows just how important Venezuela is to the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, the Maduro administration moved quickly to distance itself from the arrest of Guaidó, claiming it was done by a group of rogue officers.

And Maduro himself tried to totally play it off by acting as though nothing had happened.

But, lest we forget just days ago, Venezuelan Prisons Minister Iris Varela tweeted out that she had a cell and prison uniform waiting for Guaidó and his 'cabinet' in one of the country's jails.

And Guaidó himself made it clear he is not 'afraid' to keep fighting for Maduro's ouster, including via coup.

Just another day in Venezuela.