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The New York Times recently ran an in depth Editorial piece describing incidents where women were charged with manslaughter for losing a pregnancy, even when it was no fault of their own.

You might be surprised to learn that in the United States a woman coping with the heartbreak of losing her pregnancy might also find herself facing jail time. Say she got in a car accident in New York or gave birth to a stillbornin Indiana: In such cases, women have been charged with manslaughter.

In other cases, pregnant women have lost rights over their own bodies when it comes to medical decisions that could impact their pregnancies.

Women who are pregnant have found themselves stripped of the right to consent to surgery, the right to receive treatment for a medical condition and even something as basic as the freedom to hold a baby in the moments after birth.

These cases show that women still have a long way to go on the path to equal rights, and privacy rights, in the United States. Read more here.