Skip to main content Iran Deal Is a Travesty Iran Deal Is a Travestye disaster that is the Iran Deal.

Your eyes do not deceive you. In the wake of the $400,000,000 laundered cash ‘ransom’ payment to Iran for returning American hostages, the uber liberal Salon magazine reports on the disaster that is the Iran Deal.

Carrie Sheffield writes for Salon’s shocked readers that:

On state-affiliated media, Khamenei reportedly blasted “the futility of negotiations with the Americans” and said the United States wasn’t keeping its promises under the nuclear agreement. The deal itself was signed under constitutionally questionable circumstances — it essentially amounted to a treaty, which would have required congressional approval–over the protests of Congress, including many Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer.

These latest developments undoubtedly confirm what conservatives and other pro-Israel activists have been arguing throughout this entire episode. They’re yet another reason why people who don’t like flawed GOP nominee Donald Trump will still have a hard time voting for Hillary Clinton, given her prominent role in helping usher in this flawed deal. They also tarnish President Obama’s legacy, despite his brag last week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia that he’d “shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

Of course’s stalwart readerships heads are exploding as demonstrated within Salon cesspool aka: the comment section.

The left’s anti-Semitic liberal groupthink is on full display:


Carrie Sheffield, an amazing disguise you have there! How did you hide that hooked nose and all those warts?!


It just occurred to me why Salon is posting a right wing author’s article about Iran…now that it has to be in the tank for Hillary it is taking her extreme pro-Israel positions.

Another siren song on behalf of the original Mideast terrorist state: Israel.

In true fashion the Left either attack the messenger (she also wrote for Forbes! Hackery at it’s finest!) or run and hide under’s convoluted justifications which puts the blame for ‘bad messaging’ at the feet of D.C. politico’s. “It’s not a ransom, it’s a refund!”.

Most of us remember being bombarded by an 80’s hyperventilating media ad-nauseum over the Iran-Contra hearings during President Reagan’s second term. As Middle East geopolitics contributor Ellen Wald writes at the aforementioned Forbes: The Iran Ransom 2016 (is a) ‘Bigger Deal than Iran-Contra 1985’.

There are many comparisons between the Iran-Contra Affair in the 1980s and the Iran ransom scandal of today. However, in at least one significant way, the ransom scandal does more harm to American travelers and businesses. Just as Americans and Europeans are being encouraged to do business and invest in Iran, entrenched organizations in Iran’s government are using this incident to justify further arrests and imprisonment of Americans and Europeans.

Those of us who loudly vocalized our horror at this obvious legacy minded political play by President Obama, which clearly emboldens our enemies while threatening our allies, are not surprised. Unlike his other legacy item, the bankrupt Obamacare (which full employer mandate implementation has been delayed until they leave office), the Iran Deal never received full Democratic support.

Pro-Israel Democrats, always foremost concerned with reelection and thus placating their Jewish constituents, voiced their ‘concerns’ (how ‘brave’ of you Chuck Schumer to await confirmation there were enough votes, so yours wasn’t necessary) yet have largely stood on the sidelines with fingers crossed hoping the Iran Deal was not the cluster-fudge it appeared to be.

But now, with 90 days until we swap disastrous 44 for disastrous 45, how much attention will the media give what would clearly be a major issue if President Obama had an (R) next to his name?

The eloquent Charles Krauthammer says it best.

As originally published on Ricochet.