Ep. 257 - This week's episode feature Dave's interviews at @The Real Side Radio; Christian Toto, purveyor at http://HollywoodInToto.com discusses why Netflix added the film Cuties even though it offended so many, and the madness of the Oscars. At @22:43 Jon Gabriel, Editor in Chief at http://Ricochet.com discusses the "Harris-Biden Administration" and why Arizona may be in big trouble for both President Trump and Senator Martha McSally. At @42:22 pop recording artist @Ricky Rebel discusses his viral video MAGA (YMCA) played in full at the end of the interview, and his thoughts on the Lefts' identity politics. #ChristianToto http://twitter.com/hollywoodintoto #JonGabriel http://twitter.com/exjon #RickyRebel http://twitter.com/rickyrebelrocks