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7 Minutes to Understanding Islam

Politicians still won't identify radical Islam for what it is

Politicians still won't identify radical Islam for what it is, but the jihadists will continue to remind them.

As her young son was being treated in an Israeli hospital (free of charge) this Palestinian mother educates us on the chilling psychology and death cult that is radical, extreme, whatever you want to call it, but it's Islam. This is much darker and more dangerous than our politically correct politicians and journalists will ever understand.

Israel’s Voice’, a pro-Israel group uploaded this as it deserves to be shared.

The question is, can that sliver of humanity she demonstrates, no matter how desensitized and damaged, still be salvaged?

Stockholm syndrome is a given and many individual hostages have been reconditioned to lead semi normal lives. But what of entire societies?

Devils advocate, and I say this as a Jew, didn’t Germany come out of their collective horror show after WW2?

Shorter: Can radicalized Islam somehow be turned around?