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Already Contending with Terrorists, Missiles & Bombs, Israel Adds U.N. & Obama to Threats List

In an unprecedented act of cowardice, America annulled its long standing position that there is no daylight between America and Israel.
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As featured at Michael P. Ramirez.

In an unprecedented act of cowardice, America annulled its long standing position that there is no daylight between America and Israel. The Obama Administration abstained from voting for a U.N. resolution which labels Israel an occupier within its own land, including the Jewish Quarter in Old Jerusalem and the holiest Jewish site in the world, the Western Wall.

This was nothing more than a betrayal by a thin skinned President Obama who has been trying for years to weaken Prime Minister Netanyahu. Every action taken was wrongheaded, going against the American archetype; treating its enemies and allies in an opposite bizarro-like manner. 

    • In 2015 former Obama Campaign wunderkind Jeremy Bird’s V15 political team inserted itself in the Israeli election trying to beat Netanyahu. Netanyahu won, Obama lost. 
      • Israel’s direct neighbor to the East, Syria is suffering in horrific chaos after the poorly planned departure of U.S. and allied troops from Iraq leading to a power vacuum in the region in which ISIS was born. Over half a million people have been brutally murdered just miles from Israel’s civilians. 
        • Obama has since enabled Israel’s greatest geopolitical threat and world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism, Iran. 

        Now in an attempt to instill its long term legacy upon President-Elect Trump and the world, John Kerry, Ben Rhodes and Barrack Obama have targeted Israel in the same way a losing team kneecaps and injures their victorious opponents while leaving the field, preventing the winning team from succeeding in the playoffs.

        True to form, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s administration is calling it like they see it. They have suggested President Obama orchestrated the U.N. vote, which was almost dead with Egypt pulling out at the behest of President-Elect Trump. It was only resurrected by other countries with no interest in the region with deliberate behind-the-scenes shenanigans sponsored by Obama. 

        Unfortunately there is little a President Trump can do to overturn the vote. It’s estimated the United States sponsors 22% of the United Nations budget as well as house its plush 18-acre complex on the East River in New York. President-Elect Trump has suggested things will change on January 20th in regard to the U.N., but has not provided details. Americans who distrust the U.N. would be delighted to reconsider its U.N. membership and pull funding which would lead to its eventual demise.

        Historically, lame duck Presidents don’t attempt to change foreign policy on their way out the door. President Obama seems focused on his legacy, doing what he can to ensure his policies will withstand the oncoming assault by the next administration. However Obama hopes to manipulate people’s perception of his foreign policy, history will record the facts; This President was an antagonist to America’s ally, Israel, which is the only beacon of democracy, innovation and human rights in the world’s most dangerous neighborhood.  -

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