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Still Stunned: Debate 2016

Still Stunned: Debate 2016

Originally featured on Ricochet

I hoped taking a day’s break from the debate would provide some much needed impetus for creative writing. It hasn’t. I’m disgusted, had enough and tired of it all. The debate offended everyone’s intellect, especially those who actually know things. Both candidates made profoundly idiotic and patently false statements. While each raced toward the bottom they jettisoned whatever dignity was left of the American electoral process. Furthermore, their sycophants continue to insult our intelligence by proclaiming what our lying ears and eyes didn’t hear and see.

Note to the travel weary, fast-food inhaling surrogates who have sold their souls to the devil who pays most: Who the hell do you think you are? Your candidate dishonored themselves and their party and appears to be preaching to their lowest hanging pliable demographics.

The Left’s perpetual shrillness, childish victicrat-ization, and incredulity for those who refuse to bow to their superiority makes me ill.

The Right has no soul, no courage, no idea who they are anymore, and is assured of internal infighting well beyond the election which makes me ill.

The first election where I paid attention was as a fresh-off-the-boat British kid in junior high. Four years from the bicentennial, Reagan/Carter/Anderson felt historic in the moment. There was excitement and overall honor. Of course there was bickering and sniping, as with every election going back 200 years. But there was dignity. Americans, no matter their politics, had a gleam in their eye knowing they were pulling the lever for a decent man.

Flash forward 36 years and we have a despicable and impulsive P.T. Barnum with thinner skin than the caviar dolloped atop his chalupa who’s running against a despicable and unlikable compulsive liar whose only public office achievement in three decades was legalizing corruption.

Embarrassed while watching this with my kids, I’m beginning to no longer care. So, instead of writing about who won or lost the debate, here’s all I can muster:

Hillary lost.

Trump lost.

America IS lost.