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Mother & 13-Year Old Daughter Left On Side of Road at Night Because She Supports Trump

Imagine your wife and 13-year-old daughter were left by the side of the road by their Uber driver because they support Donald J. Trump.
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Imagine your wife and 13-year-old daughter were left by the side of the road by their Uber driver because they support Donald J. Trump.

Claudine's story:
We were staying at the San Diego Bayfront Hotel for my daughters 13th birthday on October 12th. We called an Uber to take us to the Mattress Firm Amphitheatre - Shuyou, our Uber driver was delayed in arriving at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. His time kept changing on my Uber app from 4 minutes to 5 minutes back to 4 and 5....for a total of 15 plus minutes - you can even ask the Valet at the Hotel Michael....whatever, its fine I'm just trying to get my 13-year-old daughter and me to the concert in Chula Vista. I ask about why he was tardy and he starts getting all flustered so I drop it - we aren't even out of the hotel driveway yet.

The first question to me from Shuyou. "Where are you from?" I say, Los Angeles, he says "Los Angeles is very Liberal city yes?...all Liberals"

I say "well not all but yes...we actually live in a very Liberal state. I'm sure it's very Liberal here in San Diego as well." .....he proceeds to start telling me about the different areas of San Diego that are more "urban" that are more "liberal" and then of course about the "conservatives" as I sit quietly not really understanding WHY he is talking about politics....he stops the car to pick up someone who never shows up (we had chosen Uber Pool) and waited past the expiration.

He then pulls away and CONTINUES w/how Los Angeles IS very liberal...again I say "no, not all Liberal...I'm a Republican, although you're making me very uncomfortable talking about this Shuyou - I think as an Uber driver, you should be asking me if I'm having a good time in San Diego or know, small talk...I Just want to get to my destination please change the subject - I will talk about ANYTHING you want Shuyou just not this...I don't talk to friends, family or anyone really, about religion or politics... there is no point - you're not going to change anyone's mind that's why we live here in the USA so we can all vote how we want to .."

He says "You conservative... it’s okay you are a nice lady, as long as you aren't Trump supporter you're a nice lady".
First of all, WHY is he STILL talking politics when I've asked him numerous times to stop??

Now I'm so offended "I am a Trump supporter but I don't think that should matter...I JUST want to get to my destination PLEASE".

Shuyou continues asking me about HOW I can be a Trump supporter that I must be very discrimatory (discriminatory I think he means) ... Shuyou goes on and on and says "I thought you a nice lady I would not have picked you up if I knew this, you Trump supporter, no good... why?"

"You're telling me I'm not a 'Nice lady' because I'm a Republican??" He says "Conservative ok - not ok Trump supporter I would not have come for you if I KNEW"...
I'm completely baffled at this point, IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING??

He is completely out of control now. It’s like he cannot control his words. He keeps telling me I'm WRONG for believing what I believe, and continues to say how "you're very discriminating we end this NOW better you get OUT of my car".

We are BEGGING him NOT to leave TWO women in the middle of NOWHERE but he pulls over.

My daughter is CRYING... it’s her 13th Birthday after all (at midnight), and now we are on the side of the road as he's telling me that I'm discriminating over and over.
What??? I ask him how? He just keeps repeating the same thing.

Seriously this man, if you can call him that, left a woman a child on the side of the road!! What kind of Man does that?? I want to shout this from the rooftops! Who do I talk to because this is CRAZY wrong on so many levels?
I'll start here. This is what I sent to Uber: Thank you for your time. This is Not someone who should be representing your company...on a different note the Uber driver that picked us up within like 2 minutes... Thank God because we were so frightened and alone, he was amazing. His name was Arturo. Again, thank you for your time...I am still so upset over this. Uber has always had such professional drivers...not sure how this one slipped through."

Uber responded with a refund of their $9.00 and a $5.00 credit for another trip.

Claudine and Jordyn

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