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Michael Walsh on the FBI, Antifa, Media and Fiery Angel

Michael Walsh returns back to Whiskey Politics which if you haven’t heard our interview last Spring you can find it iTunes, Stitcher or GooglePlay or your favorite podcast app and of course, we ask for you to kindly give us a 5-star rating on iTunes so others will find us.

Michael Walsh, AKA “David Kahane.” and author of THE DEVIL’S PLEASURE PALACE a must read for everyone listening is also a Contributing Editor and Writer at PJ Media, NY Post, former Time Magazine Assoc, editor; and his articles have often been linked to at The Drudge Report. On this episode, we discuss the news about FBI’s Hillary Investigation, Antifa, Cloward Piven and the debt ceiling, the media, Hollywood films (hint, he’s not a fan of Marvel) and his new book Fiery Angel. Follow Michael on Twitter @DKahaneRules.

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In Music: Dirty Weekend, Joel Goodman. Out music: The Drifters, Saturday Night at the Movies.