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Larry Elder: The Sage of South Central Lets Loose

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Libertarian Talk Show Host and Author Larry Elder, "The Sage Of South Central" is heard on over 300 stations on the Salem Media Network. His has written best selling books and is featured on multiple news networks on a regular basis. Larry shares his thoughts on states rights, health care, Trump's first six months, the double standards in the media, his touching story from his book Dear Father, Dear Son about his reconciliation with his Father. Of course, since it's Larry Elder, we finished up with his outrage once again focused on O.J. Simpson, the response from the black community and what has improved, if anything in the past 20 years. Taped at Whiskey Politics Ricochet media booth at Freedom Fest with the great Hyperion Knight in the background playing piano. 

Please subscribe to Whiskey Politics at YouTube and our audio podcasts at iTunes, Stitcher or GooglePlay where your 5-star rating would be appreciated! (iTunes especially!) In: Little Green Bag, George Baker Selection. Out: Way Back Home Jr. Walker & The Allstars (Larry Elder's Theme Song). Produced by Praemonitus Communications, pictures by Thompson Clicks Photos.