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Interview with Dinesh D'Souza #FreedomFest

Interview with Dinesh D'Souza #FreedomFest
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Before our on-camera interview #1 New York Times best-selling author and creator of "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party" (in theatres July 22) Dinesh D'Souza unloaded about America's perceived racial divide, being ‘persecuted’ by the Obama administration, Hillary’s email scandal and Donald Trump.

The aftermath of Dallas and the current state of race relations:

I think what’s really happening is the urban plantations created by the Democrats are boiling over. They created these plantations 50-75 years ago, stuck people in them, made it difficult to leave. And not just for the blacks. There’s plantations for the blacks, reservations for the Indians, ghettos, barrios and slums… so the Democrats have a terrible legacy they have created. They’re responsible for those neighborhoods that are run entirely by the Democratic Party. The difference between the old plantation and the new is that people in the new plantations keep voting for them.

His belief the administration unfairly 'persecuted' him for exceeding campaign finance limits: 

No other American has served time in lock-up for doing what I did. Anyone else would have been simply fined or required to perform community service.

Comparing his case to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal:

The Obama administration made the decision to protect her. Obama had been signaling for 2 months to both Comey and Loretta Lynch that Hillary’s ‘my gal, leave her alone’ and I think they got the message. In my case Obama wasn’t exactly happy with my movie and he unleashed in his administration the dogs of Eric Holder and the Justice Department against me.

On Trump:

"He’sa bit of a wild card echoing themes that have become neglected. He’s the most politically incorrect man in America. I like the fact he’s unapologetic about his wealth in a way that Romney was on the defensive. He’s a bit of a wild card in that I don’t really know what he will do. I am kind of choosing between something I don’t know and evil we do know.

On his new movie Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party:

The goal is to get people to think, to enlighten them and show them things they don’t know. It’s also to unify and mobilize Conservatives and Republicans to specifically convince guys on the fence, weaken their assumptions, flummox and dismay the left.

Liberal critics have already panned the film, so you know it must hit a sore spot. Find the new film through your local Cineplex or at the films website.