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Dave Carter on Syria and Gorsuch

Dave Carter joins the Whiskey Politics Podcast after one of the most news-heavy weeks in recent memory where we had a breaking story seemingly every 3 hours. We decided to focus on 2 issues: Syria and the Supreme Court and Dave shares his perspective on both, as only he can.

Dave Carter is a household name for members, but for those who have not had the pleasure of reading or hearing Daves work you're in for a treat. Dave’s a cross country truck driver, a Veteran & Security Forces member and Senior Historian authoring over 40 volumes of Air Force histories. In the US Air Force Dave was deployed throughout Asia, Europe & the Middle East accompanying aircrews on combat missions. He’s a former private detective, a radio show host and a Contributor for Ricochet, The Federalist, and Conservative Review. Dave's new podcast "Radio Deplorable" can be found at