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The Speech Trump Should’ve Given

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This Jew Isn’t Buying It. We are in cloud cuckoo land. The media, the Left (I know, I know… I repeat myself) and the Right are justifiably disgusted with what took place in Charlottesville. It was an embarrassment and stain on the nation, who collectively look at the Neanderthal group of Nazis on their tellies with vitriol and disdain. Approximately 200 neck-bearded basement dwellers marching goose-step with Nazi symbolism was abhorrent to every decent person from both sides of the political divide. Understood? Got that? Good. Now…

After months of zero traction from fake Russian stories, the Left suddenly had their 2018 campaign slogan locked in: See we told you the evil Trumpanzees and Rethuglicans are racist deplorables. This is the true face of the Right. Case closed. #LoveTrumpsNazis2018

The Right, never failing to be gobsmacked by how far the Left will go to color their enemies, fought back civilly, but defensively on pundit shows and newspaper articles trying to ‘splain that Nazis do not represent anything but hate, racism, and have nothing to do with Conservatism.

To wit, while we all know how horrible the white supremacist movement is, as insignificant in numbers as it seems to be, the Right tried to shine a light on the violent anarchist group Antifa which is doing some pretty Hitler-like fascist stuff to free speech at a university near you. Immediately the Left and the media (I know!) scream “No equivalence!!! Nazis! Holocaust! Trump!!!”

The unhinged, irrational nature of the Left’s response is so beyond the pale there are those who believe they doth protest too much. Daniel Greenfield states: “The media’s invocation of false equivalence is an admission of extremism. It’s a defense of their own extremists and their role in normalizing and mainstreaming the Alt-Left.”

Presidents before Trump would have come right out on Saturday and immediately identified the Nazi scum as just that. Even if they blamed the wrong folks (as Obama often did by responding prematurely) Trump wouldn’t have lost points even if he only simply adapted Elwood and Jake Blues: “Nazis. I hate Virginia Nazis.”

But as the Left and MSM always do, they viewed Trump’s words through their own lens of Trump derangement syndrome and quadrupled down on their criticism. Trump should have known better than feed the apoplectic media machine as they would only gain strength and attack more forcefully. CNN, WaPo, NBC and, well heck, even FNC’s afternoon shows, have all become Hulk Smash Trump cartoons.

If you just arrived from Mars and only heard the media, you would think the extremist Left wing group Antifa, which came to the Nazi march with baseball bats and other weapons intent on using them, were actually central casting for the ’70s Hilltop commercial. Instead of wielding pepper-spray canisters, those masked hoodlums were really flower-laden hippies singing “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.”

Should Trump have been more forceful in his words? Absolutely. But not for reasons the Left would want to hear. So, with all respect to President Trump and his speechwriters, I took the liberty of rewriting your Saturday afternoon speech and changed a few things around. Hope you don’t mind, Sir.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of bigotry, hatred, and violence on many sides, including Antifa and the Nazi’s… especially the Nazis. Yes, those people who call themselves Nazis, White Supremacists, whatever. They’re losers. Losers. Nazis slaughtered millions of innocent people. Men, women, and children were gassed, shot and otherwise murdered in the lifetimes of our Mothers and Fathers simply due to their religion and ethnicity. And now look at these people. Can you believe this?

But then I turned on the news and I saw the fake media and the failing New York Times were saying these people were alt-Right or right-wing … or whatever they called them. That’s why they are failing. Nazis… the definition of evil, do not represent anything the Right or Conservatism stands for. There is no place in America for these people. But, let’s remember New York Times, I hate to tell you, and you probably won’t report this… we’ll see. Nazis were Socialists! Believe me. Nazis were Socialists. They confiscated and redistributed wealth. They ignored free markets and classic Liberalism. They couldn’t build buildings or hotels like me. The State would have had to do it. This required ‘everyone paying their fair share’, and where do we hear that now?

So, I was saying our friends on the Left are quick to call Nazi’s, this hateful group, they call them Right wing or “Alt-Right”. Sorry… Sorry, but they came from the Democratic Party. The dishonest media won’t tell you, but I will. I will. The KKK was originated by the Left. By the Left! It was the Left that fought against and voted against Civil Rights. It was the Left that defended slavery. It was the Left that started the Civil War. It was Democrats that opposed Reconstruction. And, as I said, Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan. They imposed segregation. Democrats perpetrated lynchings. This was all the Democrats folks. Democrats!

And it was the Republican Party that led the battle against slavery and upheld the Union, won the Civil War and opposed segregation, under the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln! And they shot him! That John Wilkes Booth guy? Democrat! Can you believe it?

Yes, yes I know what the media is saying. The dishonest media. Fake media. They’re saying “But that is history! It’s changed!” I will tell you… If the media want to report the truth, I will tell you… you are right, today it is different. It’s worse. Worse! The Civil Rights Act in 1964 was fought against by Democrats. When it finally passed with Republican support, President Lyndon Johnson created the “Great Society”, and you know what he said. You know. C’mon. I can’t say it, but you know. Maybe there’s an honest reporter who will say, but I can’t. You know what the press would do if I said what Johnson said? Oh, they would love it if I said that because it’s awful. But Johnson got his way! Can you believe that? The Great Society has not only enslaved inner city Blacks into a generational cycle of dependency and welfare but has perpetuated the greatest lie of our time, that the Right is racist. This way, Blacks will continue voting for Democrats for another 200 years. Yes… We all know what Johnson said. He got his way. Just look at Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago. Just look.

So… I will tell you this. This is the mess we are in. I am here to clean up. Sixty years of racism disguised as compassion, and we will work within the inner city, one person at a time so they learn the truth. Oh, they will learn the truth. Believe me. They will learn how to become business owners. We will provide them a real lifeline, not generational enslavement. They will learn how to break free from the chains of oppression by their modern day slave masters, their same masters as before: The Democrats.

So, as the Antifa losers, and they are losers, as they march at the Jefferson Memorial next, maybe someone in the media, and I doubt they will, I doubt they will, maybe someone will educate these people on the Democrat Party’s history. As these people tear down statues and eventually burn books … oh, that’s coming, you just watch, it’s coming, that’s what the real Nazis did by the way. As they try to remove American history from our country like the Taliban does, we will remind them how the Democrat Party is the party of Jim Crow and Robert Byrd.

This is the Democrats history and we will remind them every day who they really are. Today they project their own history on us, the Republicans, on conservatives and good people, the very people who freed a great nation from the darkness of slavery, and who now wish to unchain those who still suffer under the Democrats grip on the inner city. My administration aims to do this, and as a result, we will all come together with a stronger more prosperous country where everyone truly is equal."

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