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Andy Puzder on Withdrawing as Labor Secretary, Minimum Wage and Small Business

Andy Puzder joined us at Freedom Fest to discuss the minimum wage, small business regulations, his withdrawal from Labor Secretary and the poignant discussion he had with Mike Pence, and his last marketing effort at Carls Jr, creating possibly one of the greatest commercials in modern times.

In February 2017, fast-food executive Andy Puzder withdrew his nomination to be Labor Secretary as the White House realized the CEO of CKE Restaurants would go down in defeat due to infighting even on the Republican side of Congress. Only a couple of days following the termination of Mike Flynn, seeing one of President Trump’s cabinet picks walking away was a victory for Democrats, unions and liberal groups. New York Times attacked Mr. Puzder's business record and, more importantly to Andy, his character. Mr. Puzder said his treatment had been “an unprecedented smear campaign.” Democrats vocally lauded Mr. Puzder’s withdrawal as "a victory for working Americans". Conservatives were dismayed as Mr. Puzder, while running both Carls Jr. and Hardees staunchly opposed the Affordable Care Act, spoke out against the Progressive's effort to increase the minimum wage to $15 and overtime rules. The unions despised his policies and made it personal.

Andy can be found on Twitter and his book Job Creation: How it Really Works and Why Government Doesn't Understand It on Amazon. Produced by Praemonitus Communications and pictures by Thompson Clicks Photo.