Rusty Humphries returns to Whiskey Politics to discuss news personalities, politicians and power brokers being outed as molesters, gropers, and general pervs. We also touch on Facebook filtering conservative posts, Net Neutrality, holiday movies worth seeing, Matt Lauer, Mel Gibson, Roy Moore and why Rusty thinks Al Franken has a legitimate shot running for President in 2020 (seriously).

Whiskey Politics - Rusty Humphries: Bad Boys Get Spanked

Rusty is a Multi award-winning talk radio host, Strategic Advisor, Political Influencer, Trendsetter, #1 Bestselling Author, Media and Leadership Consultant/Speaker. His most recent book 7 Ways to Win Political Debates with your Liberal Family and Friends, and Still Keep Them as Family and Friends is now available at RustyLive.com and follow Rusty on Twitter @Talk2Rusty.

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Out: Bad Boys Get Spanked, The Pretenders