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Glenn Reynolds: Instapundit

Glen Reynolds, of Instapundit, joins Dave Sussman

Glenn Reynolds is one of the most important folks in the news as he runs Instapundit (at Instapundit provides newsworthy articles and content reported across mainstream media, The Drudge Report and many other outlets.

Whiskey Politics - Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit

Glenn and his team seem to have a knack of picking the stories he knows people would be interested in reading about. His site, created in 2001, has millions of loyal readers. Glenn is an author and law professor who has written for law reviews at several universities, including Columbia and Harvard. His articles have appeared in all the major daily newspapers as well as Fox News and MSNBC and he is currently a Contributor to USA Today. On this episode of Whiskey Politics we discuss how media bias has changed reporting, CNN's Jim Acosta and Stephen Miller, the Ace of Spades article, and the Justice Department redacting the tarmac meeting that took place between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Bill Clinton, right before the election.

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