Don Blankenship: Coal, Unions, Obama's Labor Dept., Prison, Death & "Cocaine Mitch".


Ep. 201 - The Curious Case of Don Blankenship, or as Rolling Stone Magazine called "The Dark Lord of Coal" and other's refer to the "Most Hated Man in West Virginia". This full-length interview covers the tragic day when Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch Mine in WV exploded killing 29 miners. After years of fighting increased regulation by the Obama Labor Dept., CEO Don Blankenship was indicted on four felony counts, and although all counts were dismissed, he was found guilty on a misdemeanor and served a year in prison. After being released, Don ran a Senate campaign losing the nomination to run against West Virginia Senator, Joe Manchin. It was during this campaign many considered his words racist and the media, both news and comedians, skewered him. One of the most enduring catch-phrases from this campaign, "Cocaine Mitch" referring to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is still used today. This is a fascinating story where we hear the other side of a rather tarnished coin that involves union corruption and political malfeasance going up to the highest levels of the Obama Administration.

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