Deneen & Tom Borelli on The Greatest Threat to Democrats


Ep. 134: CRTV's Deneen and Tom Borelli join Whiskey Politics with Dave Sussman and discusses Democrat intimidation of those who dare to think independently, including #KanyeWest, #BrandonStrakka, and the #WalkAway movement. Why the Democrat Party is no longer the party of our parents and what the political landscape will look like if they continue barreling toward socialism. Other topics include the danger of media echo chambers as the legacy media fails to correct its leftist advocacy.

Whiskey Politics - Deneen & Tom Borelli on The Greatest Threat to Democrats

Deneen is the http://ConservativeReview.com Host, Fox News Contributor, Author of Blacklash and can be found at and followed at

Tom is a PhD molecular biologist turned political activist & TV commentator Former biz exec & Congressional staffer Writes 4 and can be followed on Twitter at

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