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Brandon Michael Darby, Editor-In-Chief at Breitbart, Texas

As America and the world are learning about the horrific events in Las Vegas, and news is being updated as we record here on Monday, we had Brandon Michael Darby scheduled for this episode and we are pleased to get his perspective on this and some other issues. Brandon Darby is Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at Breitbart Texas. After we stopped recording we learned about Tom Petty who passed. A special tribute at the end. 

We discuss Andrew Breitbart, ANTIFA, and Brandon's efforts in reporting on the Mexican Drug Cartels. 

Brandon was the subject of Jamie Meltzer's 2012 documentary film, Informant, about his experience infiltrating Occupy Wall Street. The film won Best Documentary at the Austin Film Festival. Brandon has also been very involved in detailing the threats from the Mexican Drug Cartels. Brandon is a co-founder of the Cartel Chronicles project with Ildefonso Ortiz and Steve Bannon.

You can find Brandon at and his Twitter Feed @brandondarby

Out: Tom Petty, Alright For Now

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