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Ep. 255 - The Coming Economic Storm - Stephen Moore, White House Recovery Task Force and Buzz Patterson, CA-7

Ep. 255 - With the Election 2020 and COVID monopolizing the news, the financial distress of businesses is receiving little coverage. Stephen Moore, White House Economic Adviser and Economic Recovery Task Force answers the hard questions about the tsunami of #CommercialRealEstate defaults, #smallbusiness closures, the #NationalDebt, #AB5, #PayrollTax holidays, Then at @30:10, Congressional Candidate for CA-7 #BuzzPatterson joined Dave at The Real Side Radio on the Salem and GCN Network; Buzz discusses why the Biden campaign is scared, flipping the House red through California, the very real threat of #VoteByMail balloting and how we may not know the results of the election for weeks beyond Nov. 4th. Find Buzz at