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the bricks come from construction sites if anywhere, you are starting out weak...

so, if both sides have the same concerns about police brutality.... how come only one side is out actually voicing their first amendment right about it? Where are the right wing activists?

Have you heard there are right wing white nationalist in jail right now for trying to provoke a riot? I'm sure you'll just dismiss that though wont' you?

Who benefits from a continued economic devastation?? Wasn't that part of Trump's 2016 compaign? the forgotten America? This plays right into that for them with right wing pundits like you and Fox News blaming the left, Trump needed a new boogie man, or rather a rival of fears for the same boogie man (the left). Wonder if Trump is paying for Derek Chauvin's legal bills.....(see how easy conspiracy BS is....)

The right wing is much much more organized than the left. Oh, and who wants to rebuild our democracy? That'd be the right wing with their voter suppression efforts... and Trump has already spoken a few times about being President for more than 8 years... Is that what you want?
How much fear would you need to support that? Who's really grabbing for power?

Who's using the peaceful protest to cover who? We have actual evidence of white supremacist... and a bunch of theory and projection by right wingers like you about what's probably a bunch of apolitical opportunists.

Blah blah blah .... more fear mongering about home invasions.. which does seem to be a problem but didn't want to spend time looking up stats on those... only so many hours in the day after all...

blah blah blah... misleading about the covid death rate... which actually seems to be worse just based on the math, 110,925 deaths divided by cases 1,956,421 to find the rate right? and that's more like 5.7%.... the 3.4% is for the world and surprise, we aren't doing as good as some others. Also with more testing comes more numbers of people with the virus but not needing treatment so that could also cause the number to go down except that in America, our testing is still crappy.

Anyway, I've listened enought to know that, well, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt for trying to be reasonable which you seem to be, but failing on getting an actual unbaised view of anything you say. I'm stopping listening to your podcast here because 1, I thought it'd be more or have more whiskey attributes in it, and 2, I don't have all day to double check you.

I wish you health and a good life.