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Scott Adams, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Michael Knowles and Andrew Klavan

Ep. 216 - Scott Adams, then live from the red carpet of the #NoSafeSpaces premiere Dennis Prager @32:50, Andrew Klavan @37:15, Michael Knowles @40:25 and Larry Elder @44:38.

#Scott Adams, Creator of "Dilbert" and a New York Times Best Selling Author joins Dave to discuss his latest book Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America, #Impeachment and so much more. Follow Scott at  

Then Dave chats with Salem Radio's #DennisPrager and #LarryElder, and #DailyWire's #MichaelKnowles and #AndrewKlaven at the Hollywood premiere red carpet event for #NoSafeSpaces.

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