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SABO's Political Art: Interview @Politicon (Video)

It's not everyday you visit an artist sitting on a Tyrannosaurus Rex sized poop.

We see political art in different forms; Michael Ramirez's devastating cartoons, Roman Genn's insightful National Review cover art, and there's what's been called 'street' or 'guerilla' art by Sabo.


Good political artists can take controversial or divisive issues and cause people of all ideological persuasions to think, laugh or feel discomfort. ie: Sabo's famous t-shirt which sports a neckline blood trail.

Sabo's art has gone viral - a phenomenon that has raised his profile while being praised or skewered depending on the viewer's perspective. His art gets people talking.

At last weekends #Politicon I had the opportunity to visit with Sabo and see some of his more recent work.

An outspoken voice on social media, his criticism of both Trump and Hillary place him in a current political no-man's land ... voter purgatory where both Righties and Leftists find themselves having to choose between two highly unlikable candidates. While a Conservative, his Trump University Vending Machine certainly makes a statement about the assumed Republican nominee.

(Click for larger image)


Successful political artists create art to raise awareness about politicians, hypocrisy, greed, bad policies and corruption all while impacting the political dialogue in ways that journalists, pundits or most anyone else can not.

Political art is therefore hard to judge, even by professional art critics. If a critic is to be intellectually honest they must put aside their own sensibilities and political leanings while evaluating how it causes one to feel. Not an easy task.

We are not just seeing colors on a canvas. This art intends to disrupt our normal worldview, separating whether you agree or disagree with the message.

Sabo will continue challenging the senses and sensibilities of both art critics and politicos as he's clearly having the time of his life shocking the public in equal parts.