Roger Kimball: The Kavanuagh Impact

How will one of the ugliest weeks in modern history impact American politics, Donald Trumps Presidency and the future of SCOTUS?

Ep 144: Roger Kimball, Editor at the New Criterion, Publisher at Encounter Books, a columnist at PJMedia, American Greatness, SpectatorUSA, National Review, Weekly Standard and others. How will one of the ugliest weeks in modern history impact American politics, Donald Trumps Presidency and the future of SCOTUS? Who released the Blasey-Ford letter? Diane Feinstein's Chinese spy chauffeur and the wisdom of term limits. Roger and Dave finish up discussing the distant memory (Tuesday) of Donald Trump's speech at the United Nations, nationalism, the state of the Never Trumper's in the age of Kavanaugh.

Whiskey Politics - Roger Kimball: If Kavanaugh Is Not Confirmed

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