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Mea Culpa on Race

Let’s Hope Hillary Won’t Do For Gender Relations What The Obama Era Has Done For Race Relations.

Sorry African-Americans. According to certain Representatives of government and media it’s allmy fault. The “all” I’m referring to? Urban plight, uneducated children, fatherless homes, crime, drugs, rampant unemployment, malnutrition, incarceration, bigotry, racism, black on black shootings, police on black shootings, black on police attacks, riots, Fox News, Charlie Bronson, high-fructose corn syrup, etc… it’s all my fault.

I should be more cognizant of my ‘white privilege’. After all, how dare my parents teach their children the values of family, self sufficiency, hard work, sacrifice, education, ethics, and morality.

[Yes, Im being facetious about something awful. It’s my way of dealing with tragedy.]

It’s not news to most that African-Americans have drastically lost their forward momentum in recent years. We all know the awful statistics.

When ‘Your Black World‘ quotes the National Review, you know there’s a problem.

  • The percentage of Americans below the poverty line inched up, the latest available Census Bureau data found, from 14.3 to 14.5 percent overall — between 2009 and 2013. For black Americans, that climb was steeper: The 25.8 percent in poverty rose to 27.2 percent.
  • Real median household incomes across America retreated across those years, from $54,059 to $51,939. Though less pronounced, such finances also reversed for black Americans, from $35,387 to $34,598.
  • Food Stamp recipients between 2009 and 2013, the most recent Department of Agriculture figures show, rose from 32.9 million to 47.1 million Americans. Meanwhile, the equivalent number of blacks soared from 7.4 million to 12.2 million.

President Obama’s legacy will be argued by partisans, but THIS sow’s ear cannot be turned into a silk purse.

Under Obama government cheese (investment) dramatically increased, yet by all reasonable measures, race relations have been set back decades (according to countless recent polls).

Meanwhile the President continues to play Animal House Kevin Bacon.

President Obama insisted that race relations have improved during his presidency despite a series of flashpoints like recent riots in Baltimore.

In an interview on “Late Show With David Letterman” on Monday, the president said the expansion of social and traditional media brings greater attention to these situations, but argued that only makes it more likely the nation can address systemic problems.

Got that? It’s the fault of Fox News and Twitter.

My African-American friends and business associates have all (but one) supported the President. Our discussions about the economy (it’s the business I’m in) always steers toward politics. In my anecdotal evidence, there is a tacit acknowledgement that things have gotten much worse for their community.

While not quick to blame the President, I have been told that the Left’s institutional power base (teachers unions, for one) share much of the blame.

Said a close and trusted Black employee of 10 years, (who is a big supporter of the President): “They (politicians) will come around to get votes, scare the uninformed about conservative bogeyman and make themselves the only option. Then they are gone till the next election.”

The dramatic progress of the 1990′s welfare reforms were obliterated by Pelosi/Reid/Obama. Food stamps, SNAP, medicare and countless similar programs are a necessary safety net for those that can’t. A civilized society must be able to provide for those who need a helping hand, as many of us has faced significant challenges through sickness, unemployment, etc. But these safety nets have now become politicized as voter bargaining chips for those that won’t. Generational dependency is an issue that must be discussed. How do we break the cycle, without simply throwing more 'investment' at the problem. The fact is, since the implementation of the 'Great Society', poverty has only increased.

Now, the current trend is becoming disturbing enough that liberal corners are reconsidering their modus operandi. It is not only painfully clear to Conservatives, but to any caring person that the race hucksters, politicians and their willful media troglodytes who benefit by pitting ethnic groups against each other are causing significant damage to the country. The palpable anger could lead to continual civil unrest becoming a vicious cycle of racial antipathy which may be felt for the rest of our lifetimes.

America is still a strong enough country to reverse this trend. With a strong leader in the White House, a courageous Congress and brave community leaders of all colors working together, there is still time for all Americans to regain what was, until recently, an upward momentum.