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Interview with Larry Elder: Race & the Democratic Party

Larry Elder on the current racial divide facing Black and White America.
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A year ago I wrote a tongue-in-cheek titled article called Mea Culpa on Race where I apologized for my white privilege causing the litany of problems that have tragically impacted urban communities of color. It's alternate title: Let’s Hope Hillary Won’t Do For Gender Relations What The Obama Era Has Done For Race Relations.

It's a devastating indictment backed by statistics how the Left's policies implemented over decades and the current powers-that-be have caused significant damage to good people who deserve much better.

However, as a white male, I'm the last person supposed to be talking about truths that don't directly impact me or my family. Therefore, like many right-of-center white's, I read books and reports on the current racial divide while tacitly shaking my head.

Whites can only point to the problems as examples of inherent racism, both institutionally and historically. We are certainly not allowed to show disgust how the largest cities, all under blue governance, not only abdicate and refuse sensible solutions but exasperate the problems by doubling down on failed social and economic policies; the results of which are now boiling over into the streets.

After decades of derelict programs enacted 50 years ago ("Great Society") I asked the 'Sage from South Central' Larry Elder to discuss Van Jones statement how Democrats need 92% of the black vote to win. Yet those same voters are the recipients of the negligent programs that have caused such poverty.

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