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It’s All Unraveling! (And Why That’s a Good Thing)

With a $20 trillion national debt, politicians had been Weinsteining their constituents for decades and people of both parties have had enough of the D.C./entertainment/sports/media complex.
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America, tired of being lied to by its coastal betters, chose a President to tear it all down to the studs, from where a more hopeful and stronger country could rise again. Much of the anger that brought Donald Trump into office was certainly directed toward Washington DC’s elites, but also our cultural pillars. With a $20 trillion national debt, politicians had been Weinsteining their constituents for decades and people of both parties have had enough of the D.C./entertainment/sports/media complex.

The only results from the Progressives’ identity politics prescribed by Leftist septuagenarians was to balkanize a once civil union. Meanwhile, the overpaid, yet feckless consultant class on the right finagles their benefactor’s largesse but yield few results. Jabba the Hutt politicians along with their K-Street enablers tied the American voter to his chain, while they focused on reelection. It’s only about their power. From their mahogany walled watering holes in DC, they laugh at us idealistic rubes while ensuring their marble streets remain shiny in National Harbor. Americans weren’t just voting against DC. They were voting against the cultural rot that started decades ago.

Meanwhile, Hollywood, known for facades phonier than Obama’s Greek columns, somewhere along the way went from dream factory with a few crazies, to become the worst stereotype conservatives always believed it was. Its incestual, intellectually shallow, immature, and chronically insecure inhabitants know only two modes: reading someone else’s words for a living or regurgitating Bill Maher’s. These people have spent so much energy on dividing the country into a caste system, they hadn’t realized their product has suffered, relegating themselves to brain-numbing CGI superhero remakes and Oscar-bait no one will ever see, but … another award show to congratulate each other on our brilliance! Movie audiences are responding with their wallets as year-over-year box office receipts have plummeted.

Hollywood’s uber-power titan Harvey Weinstein does a Polanski (hey, I thought of Roman before Matt Drudge posted… for what that’s worth) and skedaddled to “rehab.” The elite betters have now become conflicted pearl-clutchers aimlessly wandering the corridors of Warner Bros. and Paramount Studios. They still remain befuddled on how to cope with their disgusting emperor mogul literally not wearing clothes. He’s a liberal, yes, but he’s kind of toast, so… Now that a few brave souls have spoken out against Rapey McRaperson, the rest of the Hollywood’s sycophants can now say what they truly think; that the man really is gross and sexist … Trump that is.

Meanwhile, the NFL, an institution that basically owns a day of the week, is under an unprecedented assault by even its most ardent fans. Who knew that Colin and Co. kneeling during the National Anthem would make American patriots angry? Regardless of the substance of the protest, social justice issues being raised during the few moments we are all on the same team isn’t working out so well for the league. Ratings are collapsing, ad revenue is dropping, and Roger Goodell’s legacy will be presiding over the ESPNification of America’s favorite autumn pastime.

Football may never be the same, as many people are suddenly realizing there are a whole lot of other Sunday options rather than just sitting on a couch … well, unless the Steelers are on.

Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the mainstream media is filled with fake news. Read that again … Main. Stream. Media. Two-thirds! Fake! Those are the networks cheerleading the removal of the duly-elected 45th President. People have tuned out CNN, NBC, ESPN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post’s tiresome Gatlin gun of anonymously sourced reports suggesting Fred Trump once brought home a Russian nesting doll when Donald was 14. Maddow has the proof and will spend an hour Glenn Becking you over the head with it. Oh, and did we tell you all his supporters are evil, dumb, racist, sexist, country music fans who deserved to be shot?

Is it any wonder why the only people watching Wolf and Jake are strapped in the airport shoeshine chair Clockwork Orange style?

Meanwhile, social media titans Facebook and Twitter along with Google and Apple have gone from running 1984 Super Bowl ads to actually being super 1984-ish. They have determined themselves as arbiters of what is offensive, what can or cannot be said, and are now impacting peoples livelihoods on outlets like YouTube which has demonetized content creators if their Al-Gore-ithms determine such content doesn’t meet their Southern Poverty Law Center litmus test.

The latest example is Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who was blocked on Twitter Monday because of a statement she made in a Senate campaign ad about the sale of fetal tissue for medical research. Of course, no one would have seen that ad (who watches commercials?) but now everyone has seen it. Thanks, Twitter censors!

Meanwhile, higher education has steadily devolved our publicly funded colleges and universities into Petri dishes of social justice indoctrination. Their focus has been on providing safe spaces for anyone slighted by even a dusting of offense while allowing masked Antifa hoodlums free rein to carry shivs and pepper spray to protest Hitler coming to campus. Racist, xenophobic, homophobic hate speech occurs on campus from the likes of that Jewish Nazi, white, cisgendered Ben Shapiro.

The pillars of our culture, those institutions that are part of our daily lives, are all affected by the politics of our time. Some blame Donald Trump, and others would say he knows when to toss jet fuel on smoldering embers, which, for better or worse, gets people talking. Every action has a reaction and Trump seems to continually fall on the right side of the unraveling. Whether it’s the NFL stating that players now need to stand, or Twitter changing their mind on allowing the GOP pro-life ad to be played, people’s voices are being heard.

The decades of rot won’t be reversed in one, two or even eight years. This is a generational effort that will require work daily by those who want to see the pillars continue to crumble before rebuilding again. The entrenched powers in the media won’t let that easily happen. They have been gobsmacked for 11 months now, walking in circles nattering incessantly in childlike rage completely unaware of the geographic dissonance between what they consider news and what their dwindling viewership cares about.

So, we must continue to remind them, along with the other powerful cultural pillars, that the election of President Trump was not an anomaly. It wasn’t a mere detour before America gets back on track to complete its metamorphosis into a Western Europe. No, this election was Americans pulling the e-brake at high speed to ensure the car stopped before heading off the cliff. Of course, that’s never good for the car, and there will be some reverberations for some time, maybe even requiring a trip to the mechanic. And for some mortified passengers, well, the screaming may not die down for a while. But we are starting to slowly turn in the opposite direction. The cliff is still close, but at least it’s in our rearview mirror, for now.

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Art: Michael Ramirez