Gov. Gary Johnson (L) on Libertarianism and Mark Meuser on Massive Voter Fraud


Ep: 105 - Governor Gary Johnson (L), the 2012 and 2016 Presidential Candidate joins Dave to discuss many topics including how the Hillary Clinton campaign was reported to have spent $50 Million to keep him off ballots, the war on drugs, why he once said the Republican party is "dead" under Trump and his perspective now on the Trump Administration. Dave pushes back on his more isolationist philosophy and how he would handle the current situation with North Korea. We finish up with his thoughts on the proof that Democrats colluded with Russian and how Russian trolls impacted his campaign. While Johnson is not planning on another run, his current efforts are to end the two-party duopoly and he can be found at

Whiskey Politics - Gov. Gary Johnson (L) on Libertarianism and Mark Meuser on Massive Voter Fraud

Dave also has a discussion with the CA Secretary of State candidate Mark Meuser who makes some startling claims about voter fraud; Secretary of States around the country rebuffed the Trump Voter Integrity efforts by refusing the cleanup Voter Rolls, which in some cases show an almost 150% registration(!). In addition, Mark points to the overwhelming number of military ballots being disenfranchised and not counted. Check out Marks details at

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