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Found: My Tweets from the 1980's!

I was at my Mom’s place last weekend rummaging through my teenage things and found some old tweets!

Can’t believe she kept them. Remember how modern Twitter seemed in the 80’s? That was when we changed our twitter handles almost daily. #GoodTimes

Thought I would share a few:

@OPShorts Met a rad girl @Zuma. Like totally awesome! She gave me her party line number. It rang Musicland :( #Bogus

@HeatOfTheMoment Decision: Zeppelin’s In Through The Out Door or Styx Paradise Theater? Only have $5. #WentWithAsia

@TheWayItIsnt Now Cronkite also refers to Reagan’s SDI laser thing as ‘Star Wars’. Hey Walt: At least call it something from this decade – Missile Command. #DeepSpaceThoughts

@BetteDavisThighs Juan must really love Maria. That’s like his 4th radio dedication this week. #LoveSongsOnTheZzzzzzzzzzz

@FlockOfSpitballs RIP John Belushi. That is all. #ImAZitGetIt? 

@MrHandsFeet Just saw Fast Times at Pacific Theaters in the mall they filmed Fast Times, where a character worked at same theater, where I was sitting, watching… #WigginOut

@DavidLeeSpandex DJ: Play less ‘Hello’ and more ‘Hot For Teacher’ #LionelRitchieMakesMeItchie

@CaughtBetweenTheMoon&NYC Found the Ringwalds home number in the White Pages. Just spoke with her Grandma who will pass on my message to Molly. #DONTUSETHEPHONEMOM!!!

@InTheFamilyJewels? Hands Across America, Gerbils in Gere #PagingPETA

@SeaBiscuit&Gravy The Titanic was found near Newfoundland. Sounds like the first place they should’ve looked. #IcebergLettuceAHead

@CherNotSoNobyl The most permanent feature of Russia’s socialistic economy are their temporary shortages. #CageyBee

@AbeFroman I heard that you were feeling ill. Headache, fever, and a chill. I came to help restore your pluck, cause I’m the nurse who likes to… #TheyThinkHe’sARighteousDude

@MrFurleysAscot More like Three’s Slightly Amusing Misunderstandings #MeetAtRegalBeagle

@DebbieGibsonOrTiffany? Girl in my class wears Electric Youth perfume. If I wore Gene Simmons’ KISS cologne you think I got a shot? #NobodyPutsBabyInTheCorner

@HeresTheBeefBand-Aid, Live-Aid, and Farm-Aid are all Cool… ade. #FeedTheWorld

@1234Siskel&EbertsThumbwar Movie Review: Star Trek III – The Search For Pillow #TribbleMeThis

@JimBakkersAlibi Dear Penthouse Forum. You won’t believe this, but this really did happen to me #YeahThatsTheTicket

@MilkBoneUnderwear Spuds MacKenzie learned to play guitar yet I can’t get past the first 3 notes of Jessie’s Girl. #DrinksFromBudBowl

@BeKindRewindGhostbusters II was a pretty funny sequel. Glad they didn’t pander and replace them with an all female cast. #GhostWithTheMost

@AndLeonsGettingLarger Hulk Hogan played Thunderlips and doesn’t get the Oscar nod? Rigged. #WeBuiltThisCityOnRockyRoad

@ThatsInconceivable They’re called Compact Discs. Totally indestructible. Will never scratch. #HastaColumbiaRecords

@AwesomeKarioke My favorite was Milli… no, Vanilli… #BlameItOnTheLame

@Frajeeelay Deck the halls with boughs of horry. #OhFfffffudddgggee

@WeirdWeatherScienceA guy named Doppler invented a better radar… to find his dopplerganger.#MaxHeadroomToldMe

@BackInTwo&TwoMooooon River…Thank you doc, ever serve time?#NeverReturningOnWoolery’sShow