Dave Sussman

Can’t believe she kept them. Remember how modern Twitter seemed in the 80’s? That was when we changed our twitter handles almost daily. #GoodTimes

Thought I would share a few:

@OPShorts Met a rad girl @Zuma. Like totally awesome! She gave me her party line number. It rang Musicland :( #Bogus

@HeatOfTheMoment Decision: Zeppelin’s In Through The Out Door or Styx Paradise Theater? Only have $5. #WentWithAsia

@TheWayItIsnt Now Cronkite also refers to Reagan’s SDI laser thing as ‘Star Wars’. Hey Walt: At least call it something from this decade – Missile Command. #DeepSpaceThoughts

@BetteDavisThighs Juan must really love Maria. That’s like his 4th radio dedication this week. #LoveSongsOnTheZzzzzzzzzzz

@FlockOfSpitballs RIP John Belushi. That is all. #ImAZitGetIt? 

@MrHandsFeet Just saw Fast Times at Pacific Theaters in the mall they filmed Fast Times, where a character worked at same theater, where I was sitting, watching… #WigginOut

@DavidLeeSpandex DJ: Play less ‘Hello’ and more ‘Hot For Teacher’ #LionelRitchieMakesMeItchie

@CaughtBetweenTheMoon&NYC Found the Ringwalds home number in the White Pages. Just spoke with her Grandma who will pass on my message to Molly. #DONTUSETHEPHONEMOM!!!

@InTheFamilyJewels? Hands Across America, Gerbils in Gere #PagingPETA

@SeaBiscuit&Gravy The Titanic was found near Newfoundland. Sounds like the first place they should’ve looked. #IcebergLettuceAHead

@CherNotSoNobyl The most permanent feature of Russia’s socialistic economy are their temporary shortages. #CageyBee

@AbeFroman I heard that you were feeling ill. Headache, fever, and a chill. I came to help restore your pluck, cause I’m the nurse who likes to… #TheyThinkHe’sARighteousDude

@MrFurleysAscot More like Three’s Slightly Amusing Misunderstandings #MeetAtRegalBeagle

@DebbieGibsonOrTiffany? Girl in my class wears Electric Youth perfume. If I wore Gene Simmons’ KISS cologne you think I got a shot? #NobodyPutsBabyInTheCorner

@HeresTheBeefBand-Aid, Live-Aid, and Farm-Aid are all Cool… ade. #FeedTheWorld

@1234Siskel&EbertsThumbwar Movie Review: Star Trek III – The Search For Pillow #TribbleMeThis

@JimBakkersAlibi Dear Penthouse Forum. You won’t believe this, but this really did happen to me #YeahThatsTheTicket

@MilkBoneUnderwear Spuds MacKenzie learned to play guitar yet I can’t get past the first 3 notes of Jessie’s Girl. #DrinksFromBudBowl

@BeKindRewindGhostbusters II was a pretty funny sequel. Glad they didn’t pander and replace them with an all female cast. #GhostWithTheMost

@AndLeonsGettingLarger Hulk Hogan played Thunderlips and doesn’t get the Oscar nod? Rigged. #WeBuiltThisCityOnRockyRoad

@ThatsInconceivable They’re called Compact Discs. Totally indestructible. Will never scratch. #HastaColumbiaRecords

@AwesomeKarioke My favorite was Milli… no, Vanilli… #BlameItOnTheLame

@Frajeeelay Deck the halls with boughs of horry. #OhFfffffudddgggee

@WeirdWeatherScienceA guy named Doppler invented a better radar… to find his dopplerganger.#MaxHeadroomToldMe

@BackInTwo&TwoMooooon River…Thank you doc, ever serve time?#NeverReturningOnWoolery’sShow