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"We can kill 99% of the virus with a very low dose of far-UVC light," Columbia U. Professor

Director of the Center of Radiological Research at Columbia University, Dr. Brenner, is developing a safe way to sanitize public spaces

We are all facing a painful choice: If we interact in public spaces, we may catch and spread COVID19. On the other hand, our economy is entering an unprecedented situation with respect to unemployment, business closures, and national debt.

As a consequence, any steps we can take that will allow us to resume close-to-normal lives without putting ourselves or others at risk is a priority. Enter Dr. David Brenner, Director of the Center of Radiological Research at Columbia University. Dr. Brenner has been studying ways to utilize UV light to kill COVID19.

Normal UV light kills viruses but also causes harms to humans, including causing cancer. But a narrow band of UV light, known as "far-UVC light," is safe for humans while still being effective at killing coronaviruses.

A commercial application of this technology, which is currently being developed, could allow us to sanitize public spaces quickly, safely, and cheaply, even while people are present (which is not possible with conventional UV lighting).

For the sake of our public health and our economy, let's hope he and his team can get this technology available to the public as quickly as possible. For more details see the original article at Progressive Liberty.