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Phys.Org - August 6, 2019

"There is nothing to breathe," said 32-year-old Tuflyakova. "We can't hide from it... Children and adults are coughing non-stop."

Large fires are an annual occurrence in Siberia, but this summer smoke has enveloped some of its largest cities, including Krasnoyarsk, and locals are angry at what they perceive as government inaction.

Though authorities have now increased efforts to put out the blazes, the burning area is continuing to expand.

On Tuesday, Russia's Aerial Forest Protection Service said it is battling 161 fires on 140,000 hectares (350,000 acres) of forest.

But it has given up on 295 fires over 2.4 million hectares of "distant or hard-to-reach territories" and is simply monitoring them from space, the service said.

Russia's environment ministry in 2015 issued a decree that allowed regions to ignore blazes if the "expected cost of fighting fires surpasses the expected damages". ...
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