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World Socialist Website - January 28, 2021

The effort by YouTube personality and former comedian Jimmy Dore to promote the fascist Boogaloo Boys is a significant political episode that reveals the ignorant and reactionary character of middle class “left” politics in America. Dore, an ex-supporter of Bernie Sanders and the Green Party, is a more backward and vulgar representative of a broader social layer that is responding to Trump’s January 6 coup attempt by moving to the right.

On January 24, Dore invited SEP member and World Socialist Web Site Labor Editor Jerry White onto his program to discuss the WSWS’s coverage of a strike of Hunts Point produce workers in New York City. 

Dore did not inform White that the guest immediately preceding him was a Michigan leader of the Boogaloo Boys, an armed far-right militia group that actively participated in the January 6 putsch and the plot to kidnap and murder Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. While interviewing the Boogaloo member, who called himself “Magnus Panvidya,” Dore said his political strategy was to “unite the populist left and the populist right” and find “common interests” with the Boogaloo Boys and similar groups.

Dore’s interview with the fascist was fawning and entirely uncritical. Dore then planned to dishonestly use the interview with White to further his political project of finding common cause with the fascistic right.

White was obliged to respond by making clear that his presence on the show did not imply an endorsement of either the Boogaloo Boys or of Dore’s calls for progressives to “unite” with them. Dore responded to this clarification with extreme hostility, upset that White had disrupted his plans.

The exchange was highly revealing.

White began by saying the Socialist Equality Party did not endorse Dore’s strategy: “I didn’t realize who the guest before me was. I must admit it was very disturbing to believe that when you talk about left or progressive politics that this has anything to do with the politics of the Boogaloo Boys and such extreme right-wing forces.”

The Socialist Equality Party opposes “the idea that somehow there can be unity of left and right,” White stated. “There is a historical precedent. The Nazis called themselves ‘revolutionists’ and opponents of the international Jewish capitalist conspiracy. This has nothing to do with left politics. My movement, the Socialist Equality Party, is seeking to build a genuine movement of the working class. We are above all internationalists. The right wing promotes nationalism.” ...
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