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Common Dreams - September 28, 2019

"Here's the thing," columnist Arwa Mahdawiwrotefor theGuardianearlier this year: "universal healthcare is a feminist issue. Widening access to education is a feminist issue. A foreign policy that doesn't involve constantly bombing other countries is a feminist issue. Refusing to cozy up to Saudi Arabia is a feminist issue. Calling out Israel for its treatment of Palestinians is a feminist issue. As far as I'm concerned, Sanders is the most feminist candidate in the race."

Female supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are not taking kindly to a MSNBC political pundit who said Friday—in a clip that has since gone viral—that there "may be something to" the charge that voters who prefer Sanders over rival Elizabeth Warren are inherently sexist.

Though not a remark from someone as a high a profile as former secretary of state Madeline Albright—who in 2016 said there was a "special place in hell" for women who didn't back Hillary Clinton in that race—the comments by Emily Tisch Sussman, a Democratic strategist and former vice president of campaigns for the Center for American Progress, drew scorn from the many women who work for or support Sanders for a wide range of substantive reasons.

"I actually heard someone saying something that I thought was an interesting point. But basically, if you are still supporting Sanders as opposed to Warren, it's kind of showing your sexism," Tisch Sussman said Friday morning.

"Because [Warren] has more detailed plans and her plans have evolved," Tisch Sussman continued. "I think it was an interesting point and I think there may be something to it."

In response, Sanders campaign national co-chair Nina Turner said she was having trouble wrapping her mind around such "foolishness"
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