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MSN - November 30, 2020

... Tanden, 50, is a loathed figure for leftists, and for good reason. While she will be the first woman of color and the first South Asian-American to lead the Office of Management and Budget, as the person responsible for setting the administration’s spending and policy plans, her history of past GOP-like comments, sentiments, and actions are troubling, to say the least.

As the president and CEO of the liberal think-tank Center for American Progress, Tanden is known for having shut down ThinkProgress, a progressive publication that offered singular coverage on ongoing climate change. Tanden’s reason for doing so? Because its workers formed a union and the online media site “wasn’t profitable.” She also reportedly punched ThinkProgress’ Chief Editor, Faiz Shakir after he interviewed Hillary Clinton. Shakir’s crime? Asking Clinton a question about the Iraq War, which she had initially supported. “I didn’t slug him, I pushed him,” Tanden said in a follow-up interview, as reported by The New York Times. Okay. When Shakir ended up running Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, Shakir accused Tanden of “maligning my staff and supporters and belittling progressive ideas” after then-active ThinkProgress ran a video criticizing Sanders for being a millionaire.

Further worrying progressives is the fact that Tanden has also publicly advocated for cuts to social security and other vital social safety nets, which she has often referred to as “entitlement programs.” When unemployment is at a record high and as many as 7 million Americans face the very real possibility of eviction in the midst of a looming and historic recession, the appointment of a “fiscal conservative” to the Office of Management and Budget could be devastating for the millions of Americans who are having to choose between paying their rent or eating a meal.

Tanden also revealed the name of an anonymous staffer at American Progress who came forward as a victim of sexual harassment during an all-hands meeting. The meeting followed an article published on BuzzFeed that reported a culture of sexual harassment and retaliation against those who reported incidents at American Progress. In a statement provided to BuzzFeed News, a CAP spokesperson claimed that Tanden “unintentionally said the complainant’s first name” in the meeting and “immediately and profusely apologized for it.” Still, the idea that Tanden will once again be in a position of power after having made a mistake like that is troubling, to say the least. ...
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