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The Independent - March 2018

The wonderful thing about history is that sometimes it’s a guide to the future rather than a recording of the past.

This is what worries me. A large number of white people in the west seem to have forgotten the far right will eventually come for them too. They will come for people like me first, of course, but eventually they will come for them as well.

Why would I say that? Italians just made the far right Northern League their biggest party in the centre-right coalition. In Germany and France the far right are unofficially the main opposition. In Britain the Conservatives have swallowed whole the Ukip agenda. In Russia, Putin has become an icon for the far right and Eastern European countries such as Hungary and Poland are already run by the far right.

And then there’s Donald Trump.

Look, I get it. People are angry. That is usually the reason why they vote for people clearly unfit for the job. But you don’t put out a fire by throwing more fuel on it.

The far right will come for people like me. They’ll come for Jews. They’ll come for gay people. They’ll come for the trade unionists, and so on. But then they’ll come for you. Their aim is to reshape society, not just make minor changes to foreign policy.

It's not just white people who are guilty of extremism. Far from it. Everyone is guilty of extremism. South Asia is a mess for it. A few decades ago Pakistan was a bustling country which genuinely thought it could be the economic star of Asia. Now it is plagued by religious extremists and terrorism. It is plagued by the very people its state created and legitimised as a proxy war against India. If you raise a snake then don’t be shocked if it grows up and bites you.

India is not there yet but it's heading down the same path. The BJP government has encouraged the rise of Hindutva – extremists who want the country to be a Hindu state – as a weapon against its Muslim and Sikh minorities. Inevitably, those extremists will soon end up fighting each other for power and influence, and push their extremist agenda on Hindus. But by the time they realise the danger, it may be too late. ...
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