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"To make a revolution, people must not only struggle against existing institutions. They must make a philosophical/spiritual leap and become more 'human' human beings. In order to change/transform the world, they must change/transform themselves" ~ Grace Lee Boggs

Community Independent Journal, a publication of Community of Independent Human Beings page founded on Facebook in 2012.

This site is a community portal to share social/political ideas, aspirations, and art. To sharpen our discourse online. Once you sign up and follow us you’ll be able to post links, thoughts, and art to the community. Ask your friends to join us here. Let’s enhance our understanding, our humanity, and our collective voices in this word.

Join us. Click on the 'login' icon on the left of this page, create an account then you'll be able to share to our 'conversations' page and comment on our content.

Let’s sharpen our collective wisdom, and build solidarity.

Our social/political ideology:

We’re for all human beings being sheltered securely in their own living space.

We’re for all human beings having free access to medical care at no cost.

We’re for all human beings having material security, financial and commodity.

We’re for no-cost higher education.

We want U.S. imperial wars for profit to end.

We want money out of elections and government.

We will support any political party or candidate that brings humanity closer to that reality.

We understand those realities may not happen in our lifetime.

But the universal record will show we worked for that, with our collective will, human energy, feet, fists, keyboards and limited intellects.

Marianne Williamson says:

"We are to live for the ages, work for that which we personally may not enjoy ourselves" (paraphrased)

Aim high my good people, aim past your lifetime. Human existence depends on it.

Community Independent Journal