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So far, almost nothing is known about the person behind the six explosive devices sent to high-ranking officials in the space of 48 hours. But the fact that all six recipients of the devices are associated with the Democratic Party — and frequent targets of right-wing conspiracies — meant that it didn’t take long for the internet to assign the suspect a nickname: MAGAbomber.

As that hashtag crept up Twitter’s trending column, the conservative spin machine was hard at work weaving its own narrative, peddling the kinds of conspiracy theories you’d normally associate with the likes of Infowars and other dark corners of the internet.

Many suggested that the devices were the handiwork of liberals with an end goal of making the GOP look bad, divert attention from “left-wing mobs,” and distract from the caravan of about 7,000 Central American migrants traveling up to Mexico on foot with the ultimate goal of reaching the Southern border. ... "

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