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Benjamin Crump is the civil rights attorney representing the family of Ahmaud Arbery, the 25-year-old African American man who was shot and killed in an effective lynching at the hands of two white men in a Georgia suburb. Retired police officer Gregory McMichael and his son Travis have been arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault after video of the attack in February was shared with the public days ago, sparking widespread outrage. As for what prompted the release of the video now, Crump says a lawyer associated with the McMichael family shared it "because he felt that it would somehow exonerate these killers," says Crump. "It makes no sense to me. It is asinine." Crump says the Arbery family's legal team is seeking special prosecution because of the McMichaels' compromised relationship with local legal and law enforcement agencies. "Why the two justice systems in America? One for Black America and one for white America," says Crump. "Even though us Black people understand the Constitution wasn't written for us … we are going to make the Constitution ours anyway, because we are Americans." - Democracy Now!