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Alternet - August 18, 2020

President Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News on Monday over its coverage of the Democratic National Convention despite appearing on the network just hours earlier.

Trump on Sunday complained that the network’s weekend news hosts were and “worse than Fake News @CNN.” He doubled down on his criticism on Monday, despite criticizing the network’s decision to air the Democratic Convention like every other news network.

“Fox will broadcast them more than they broadcast us. You know that,” Trump claimed during a speech in Minnesota, even though the network’s primetime lineup has been compared to by critics for its fawning praise of the president and the .

Trump predicted that the network would “go down the tubes” if he is not re-elected.

“They have certainly changed a lot. Fox has changed a lot,” Trump said. “They’re probably turning off right now as I speak, but I don’t care. I tell the truth. One of the biggest differences between this year and four years ago is Fox. Fox is from a different planet — and too bad.”

Though the network’s primetime opinion hosts have continued to and , Trump’s relationship with the network’s “news” side hosts has been strained, especially after a .

That dynamic was on full display Monday during the network’s convention coverage as Wallace and other hosts praised former first lady Michelle Obama’s speech tearing into Trump. ...
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