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Kathy Copeland Padden, Medium - September 30, 2019

... You spent a day or two “in the woods” {after the 2016 election} and came back as self-proclaimed leader of the McResistance, apparently thinking that would impress me. It did not. The hypocrisy of it all just added to my already hefty store of repugnance for you.

And why did all this come about? Let’s revisit that for a quick sec.

Back in 2016, you told the man I really loved, Bernie Sanders, that I didn’t want him or even like him because of my supposed love for you when nothing could’ve been further from the truth. Embrace reality — even with Bernie out of the picture and the Orange Anal Wart breathing down my neck, I still rebuffed you.

And yet, you’re still stalking me, still refusing to take no for an answer, no matter how self-serving your demented obsession with possessing me is. And, just so you know, Using Liz Warren as your chosen puppet fools no-one. We all know who holds the purse strings in the DNC, and subsequently who calls the shots.

You don’t love me, you just want power over me.

And here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter that you want me.

I don’t want YOU.

It’s creepy and criminal but completely in character how you insist on pursuing me despite my strong and repeated objections. After years of dealing with your unwanted attention I need treatment for PTSD, and you need four-point restraints and a back-handed bitch-slap.

If it were possible for a nation to take out a restraining order against a narcissistic sociopath of a twice-failed presidential hopeful, you’d finally prove to be the perfect candidate.

So listen up, Hillary. I don’t want you. I don’t need you. You are the human embodiment of all the evil I’m trying to rid myself of. I’m done with abusive, one-way relationships. I want someone who will put me, the United States of America, first, and commit to building a strong future together. ...
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