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#ADOS has positioned itself in opposition to Pan Africanists and Pan African efforts for Reparations. #ADOS is allied with Trumpian anti-immigrationists, they seem to believe Americans of Africans descent have a unique experience with global white supremacy, theft of labor, and systemic oppression. #ADOS ignores the validity of African descendants in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and on the continent Herself. They seem to ignore that global unity with all descendants of Africa, wherever we may be today, is tantamount to recovery.
Pan Africanists understand solidarity with all Africans of the diaspora, not just American descendants of slavery. ~ Community Independent Journal

Dr, Conrad Worrill, The Chicago Crusader - March 2019
" As we think about Pan Africanism and continue our struggle, let us reflect on the contributions of our ancestor, Malcolm X. We must remember his role in helping to stimulate the Pan African Movement that we stand on today as we fight for Reparations for African people throughout the world."

Our great historian and departed ancestor, Dr. John Henrik Clarke described in his classic book, Notes for an African World Revolution that, “The idea of uniting all Africa had its greatest development early in this [20th] century.” In this context, Reparations for African people will never die.

Dr. Clarke wrote that, “In 1900, the Trinidadian lawyer H. Sylvester Williams called together the first Pan African Conference in London. This meeting attracted attention and put the word Pan African in the dictionaries for the first time.”

According to Dr. Clarke there were only 30 delegates to the conference who came mainly from England, the Caribbean, and the United States. Dr. W. E. B. DuBois led the small delegation from the United States. When we use the term Pan Africanism we must be very clear. Pan Africanism is the belief that people of African ancestry throughout the world have the same racial and cultural characteristics and the same social and economic conditions as a result of our African origin.

The Pan African component of the Reparations Movement launched its first international conference on Reparations in Lagos, Nigeria in December of 1990. After that conference, the Organization of African Unity (OAU) set up a Group of Eminent Persons (GEP), in June 1992. Its aim was to work out the different ways in which to proceed and secure technical advisors, who would help solve some of the difficulties associated with the claim for reparations.

A second conference on Reparations was held in Abuja, Nigeria, in 1993, attended by representatives from throughout the Diaspora. That conference issued a declaration, “The Abuja Proclamation,” which called for a national reparations committee to be established throughout Africa and the Diaspora. The African Reparations Movement (UK) was formed in 1993, as a result of this proclamation.

It is important that we understand that the idea of Reparations has caught on with the masses of African people worldwide, in spite of the opposition of the forces of white supremacy.

A delegation from the United States, led by the late Dr. Jacob H. Carruthers and the late Dr. Ron Walters, participated in Abuja’s First Pan African Conference and reported back to the leaders of the Reparations Movement in this country their observations and analysis of the conference. ...
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