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Occupy Democrats - September 8, 2019

The Geert Wilders account has since deleted his photo with Lindsey Graham, but I had the tab still open on my browser so here it is

The comfort level that Trump-supporting members of the Republican party now have with right-wing extremists would have been unimaginable just a few short years ago.

Since Donald Trump took office, not only have domestic neo-fascist and racist organizations like the Proud Boys and the KKK been welcomed to become part of the Republican mainstream, but previously-shunned nationalists, extremists, and far-right-wing figures haunting the European political scene have become de facto allies of Trump and his supporters as they try to overturn the liberal policies of their EU homelands.

The close ties between the Trump administration and its congressional proxies were made quite clear by a recently deleted tweet posted by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, the leader of the Netherlands’ Party of Freedom, a nationalist right-wing populist party with a platform of Islamophobia that called for banning the Koran and shuttering all of Holland’s mosques.

Wilders has called for shutting down all immigration to the Netherlands from Islamic countries in a direct echo of Donald Trump’s original attempted ban on travel from Muslim nations that was halted by courts that ruled the ban as unconstitutional — besides being morally reprehensible and contrary to American values.

So it comes as not much of a surprise that close-Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was caught on camera laughing and smiling for a photo with Wilders while attending the 2109 Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, Italy near Lake Cuomo. According to Wikipedia, the Forum is hosted by an Italian consulting firm and presents forecasts of the economic and geopolitical outlooks for the world, Europe and Italy. The forum also analyzes the main scientific and technological developments and their impacts on the future of business and society. The invited participants typically include business leaders from major Italian and international corporations, as well as international politicians. ...
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