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Raw Story, February 18, 2019

Roger Stone’s attorneys have filed court documents formally apologizing to the judge in his case, who was attacked by the defendant on Monday.

Stone posted a photo of Judge Amy Bergman Jackson attacking her. The photo had crosshairs appearing in the upper left corner. It has since been deleted and it was replaced with another photo of her without the crosshairs. That photo was also deleted.

“Undersigned counsel, with the attached authority of Roger J. Stone, hereby apologizes to the Court for the improper photograph and comment posted on Instagram today. Mr. Stone recognizes the impropriety and had it removed,” the court document said.

The term “had it removed” implies that Stone didn’t post it himself and it’s unclear if it was Stone that did it or someone else. The judge has issued a gag order in the case.

Stone swore that the photo was just a random picture he found online and the crosshairs were not his doing or intentional. It didn’t stop the internet from mocking him for being “dumb” for attacking the judge ruling in his case. ...

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